Black & White Sunday #29 It’s Snow time….again!

Hi everyone,

After all the fun I had last year in the snow, peeps took me to the snowy mountains again this year. We had a long cold winter in Sydney so there was snow everywhere!






I had soo much fun. Can’t wait for next winter!

Woof Woof



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Wordless Wednesday #31 Mudgee stories Part II

Continuing on with my Mudgee getaway stories –  Mudgee is known for its fine wine.

Peeps took me along on some wine tasting tours. While they happily drank their wine, I ran around in the vineyards.






Happy Wordless Wednesday!


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Wordless Wednesday #30 Mudgee stories Part I

Hi y’all…. so I recently visited my birth town Mudgee. I was very small when I travelled with my mother, brothers and sisters to Sydney. That is where peeps met me. So they were equally excited to visit the place I was born.

We stayed on a big farm with lots of animools. There were cows, alpacas, horsies and donkeys.


At first I woofed at them. Then I tried to play with them. But every time I got near them, they ran away!


So I played alone and did a lot of zoomies around the farm and the house we stayed in.



The house had some interesting stuff too… like this picture frame.


 And this book…


My hooman mom laughed every time she read it. So I got curious and peeked in….






I am Roy….the Explorer Dog

Hi everyone,

The lovely Miss Harper Lee from thek9harperlee nominated me for the Explorer Dog Award not so long ago. You can read about it here….

I am very excited to be nominated for the award given that I am a self proclaimed explorer. 😉

Thank you Miss Lee. Woof Woof!


So here are the rules:

1. Link to the person (or dog) who gave the award to you and display it on your bloggy. DONE

2. Nominate up to five friends.

Miss Marple from The Adventures of Miss Marple – Miss Marple lives in London and is an explorer of the art world. She is a shining example of cultured canines!

Nellie from Diplomatic Dog – Have you heard of Astana, Kazakhstan. Well I hadn’t until I met Nellie. She loves to explore her city and shares some wonderful pictures.

Donna from We live in a flat –  Donna lives in Singapore and is a true city dog like me. She loves exploring various haunts in her city.

Frankie and Beryl from Greyhounds can sit – I haven’t been to New Zealand but peeps say it is beautiful. Frankie and Beryl love exploring nature and their photos have some amazing nature backdrops.

TeKeela and Bailey from Snowieners – I have always been fascinated by Alaska. With all the snow who wouldn’t. TeKeela and Bailey love exploring the Alaskan wilderness and we love reading their stories.

3. Answer the following questions:

What is your favourite place to explore? Link to it.

Recently peeps took me on a road trip to Gold Coast. We stopped at various small towns and cities on our way. But my favourite of them all was Nambucca Heads. It had lot of secluded beaches and peeps took me to a few of them. Oh I so loved it. Peeps have promised to take me there again for Easter break. Can’t wait!




Have you ever found anything exciting/interesting whilst exploring?

Yes, as a matter of fact I have. My toys!


Hmmm… I wondered how it got there.

And then I found another one floating in the water.


I grabbed it and made a run with it!


What do you like to explore more, beach or park?

What do you think!?


What is your favourite post you have written? Link to it.

Definitely about my first road trip to the Snowy Mountains.

And guess what… I am going exploring again. This time to Tasmania! Peeps are taking me with them on their Christmas and New Years vacation.

Woof Woof and lots of tail wagging. 😀


Black and White Sunday #20 Visit to Canberra

Hi all,

So as we mentioned in our previous blog post, I’ve been on a travelling adventure with my peeps. Our first stop was Canberra, the capital of Oztralia! We stayed at a Christmas tree farm that had lots of Christmas trees and a big pond.



I am still a bit scared of water but I tried getting my paws wet.



I also had heaps of fun playing fetch in the backyard. It was a warm sunny day!

And finally here’s a pic (in colour) of our Parliament House. Unfortunately animals (except assistance dogs) are not allowed here. Hmph!



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