Black & White Sunday #26 My lil hooman best friend

Hi all, I would like you to meet my bestest non-canine  buddy, EM. She is 2 years old and a perfect play buddy.

We play fetch…It’s a work in progress…I am training her to throw a ball.

We play chase. I love to chase EM and bark at her. Every time I bark, she laughs. So I bark more.

I also bark when EM is naughty. I make sure my peeps, her peeps and the entire neighbourhood knows she is up to no good. 😛

When EM reads A B C D, she says D is for Roy. 😀

When she sees another pup she calls them Roy. 😀 😀

I think I am her bestest canine buddy too.


DSC_0265edited b&w


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Doggy Walking

A pet walker takes Roy for afternoon walks, twice a week.

Rahul was home couple of weeks ago, so I asked him to visit the park and click some photos for the blog.

594 PHOTOS!!! Can you believe that!!!

Apparently all the dog walkers go to the same park at the same time…it’s a dog fest. Check it out…

“That’s Cath, Roy’s dog walker on the left”
“More dog walkers”
“Beginning of a chase”
“Yep there he goes…”
“Won’t give up”
“And now after the Husky….size obviously doesn’t matter”
 “He seemed interested in the camera”
“Sniffing one of his dog walking buddies”
“And sniffing some more”
“Looks like he’s found a new friend”
 “Getting acquainted”
“Doesn’t he look like an ape?”

Phew, it was hard work selecting 12 out of 594!

Dog walking sure looks fun. I can see why on those nights he is quiet and mellow. 🙂

Off to our favourite park

St Leonards park is where Rahul and I have been exercising for the past 2 years. It’s a lovely neighbourhood park with beautiful Sydney harbour views. And it is dog friendly which means that you see dogs running around almost anytime of the day. Every time we went to the park and saw the dogs, we would wish and hope for the day we had our own. (Yes, we were super clucky for a puppy! :D)

Roy had his 3rd (final) vaccine last week and is now able to walk outside rather than be carried in the tote bag. This means he now gets to go to the park, our favourite park! 😀


Sniffing around


Doing a recall – for cheese!


He is such a bouncy dog!


Look at those ears!


All wet from the grass dew

After 2 years of ogling at other dogs and being jealous of their owners, we finally got to be one of them. And Roy loves this park as much as we do. YAY!

Playing with Coco

On Sunday we took Roy to his second puppy class. In this class the trainer got the puppies to say hello to each other.

Since we got Roy home, he hadn’t interacted with another puppy/dog (I know! 😦 Unfortunately only one of our friend has dogs. He will be meeting them next week :)).

Anyhoo, so here we are with Roy, worried and excited about how he is going to interact. Check out this video. I don’t think I need to say any more!

Rahul obviously had the presence of mind to take this video. 😀

Love my birdie

I got this kiwi bird for Roy from Paws A While. Rahul is from New Zealand so I thought Roy should learn about the Kiwi culture. 😉

Roy loves the bird. He goes crazeee when it’s times to play with it.

“Where to bite, where to chew? Beak…feet…neck…big bum…too many choices!”

Hah, wait till we give you the squeaky tiger!