Monday Mischief #2 Mischief trail!

I am usually a well behaved pup. But sometimes….just sometimes… I can be up to no good. 😉









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13 thoughts on “Monday Mischief #2 Mischief trail!

  1. Roy, Roy, Roy! I hope you had a cat to blame, but I don’t think you do…! (Speaking of cats, my two Persians may be pedigreed kitties, but they are notorious wastepaper basket tippers. I was shocked, too, the first time Dougy dragged his butt on the carpet…like a dog! Well, it was time for a trim-up of that long hair on his hindquarters, and a bomb got so stuck in it that he wasn’t able to lick it off. Ugh! I had to soak his bottom in soapy water and manually “manipulate” the bomb out of his hair, not a job for the squeamish! I do ask the boys’ groomer to pay particular attention to trimming down those troublesome butt hairs!)

  2. Double trouble my friend! I have a niece called Molly and she also loves to shake and spread bits everywhere. She even showed me how to pull all the stuffing out of toys. Paws up and enjoy your week

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