Black & White Sunday #22 Someone’s been promoted

Hiyaa!! It’s been a superrr exciting week! I got promoted to Second class at the Doggy Training club!!! Woof Woof Woooooof!!

I’ve been going there with peeps every weekend for almost 3 months now, started with puppy class and then went to advanced puppy. Last week I had a surprise test which I JUST managed to pass 🙂 and was promoted to Second class! 😀

I’ve managed to teach my peeps many cool tricks!! Sit, Down, Up, Stand, Stay, Heel, Come, Fetch, Spin, Twist, Jump, Rollover, Bark!, Take it, Leave it, leap. Ohh it’s been hardwork.. They sometimes soo dont get it, but I keep trying!!

I had my first day in Second class yesterday. There is lots of new tricks to teach my peeps and many new doggy friends to make.. I am super excited. Next weekend is the club’s Christmas Party and there’s a fancy dress competition! Any suggestions?


12 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday #22 Someone’s been promoted

  1. Congratulations, Roy! May I suggest a mortarboard for the party with a tie and cummerbund to dress it up? perhaps in Christmas colours? Well, someone as smart as you is sure to look dashing in anything you wear and we can’t wait to see pictures!

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