Wordless Wednesday (or not) #16 It was hot hot hot!

Last Saturday peeps took me for an overnight stay at their friends. Sunday was the first day of spring and jeez it was HOT! I was out in their backyard looking for shady spots and was panting all along. So peeps decided to hose me a little.




Now that was awesome!

Later on the way home we stopped by this place. Peeps said summer would be super hot so we have to be prepared and may need cooling.


That’s me waiting and waiting and waiting for them outside the shop. It took them forever.

And guess what they did after we got home???



Ughh… I feel naked again… but definitely cooler.



21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (or not) #16 It was hot hot hot!

  1. Hi Roy, we just found you. We used to have poodle sisters who had to get fur-cuts like you do. They looked so tiny after their episodes with grooming! You are so cute, and we wish you lived closer. We are in Brooklyn, New York.

    Matilda, Kessie and Livvie

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