Black & White Sunday #15 Snow time!

We shared our road trip story yesterday.

So here are pictures from my time in the snow!


Hit by the snow ball


Trying to eat the snow


Sniffing around with my mates


Too cold so had to put on the jumper



27 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday #15 Snow time!

  1. LOL! How cute. You have no idea how good this looks right now. It’s 97 degrees here now and that is the expected temp most of this week. Ugh! Where is the snow?

  2. We loved reading about your road trip, especially since road trips are our very favorite things! Thanks for sharing more photos… some of us also love to eat snow…

  3. Awesome snow photos Roy. Love your coat too! We had a tiny bit of snow a couple of years ago and Frankie and Beryl took one look and said we’re staying inside by the heater! Well, it was night time.

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