First trip to the Snowy Mountains

So as we mentioned in our last post, we went on a road trip… to the Snowy Mountains. For my non-Aussie blog mates, Snowies are the highest Australia mountain ranges. This is where we experience natural snowfall and go skiing.
We did a road trip from Sydney to the mountains while peeps’ friends flew in from Brisbane.


These are my mates Harpo and Amica. Harpo did the road trip with us and his peeps. Amica flew in from Brisbane. Harpo and Amica are best friends but they were super excited to play with me.
We stayed at a big house with lotsa sheep around us.


Do you see the little black dog in the pic. That’s Harpo. He saw the sheep for the first time and ran after them. Amica and I thought he had gone bonkers. But the peeps were very excited and kept talking about Harpo having the genes of a herding dog. They also kept saying that Amica was a border collie in disguise. No idea what that was about!


We were totally knackered from running around on the biggest park I had ever seen. And it was all for me, Harpo and Amica. We played chase…
And then some tug…


And then we slept heaps by the fire place. It was our favourite place in the house.


I loved to cuddle up with Harpo. He was pretty cool about it.


And then Amica joined us.
The next day we went to the snow. But we will be sharing those photos tomorrow in Black and White Sunday blog hop. Peeps say I am the perfect black dog on a white snow background. 😀



10 thoughts on “First trip to the Snowy Mountains

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  2. Looks like Harpo is everyone’s favourite hot water bottle 🙂 Great photos Roy. I’ve only been to the Snowy Mountains once quite a few years ago but there wasn’t any snow 😦

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