Wordless Wednesday #14 My first road trip


Hiya all. Last weekend my peeps took me on a road trip for a weekend getaway with their friends

Guess where did we go? To the snow! 😀

Look out for our next post!


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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #14 My first road trip

  1. Ooooo, the snow?! Wowwee, that’s gotta have been a super fun excursion!! 😀 I’m visiting there (for the first time) around Christmas, I can’t wait! I hope you’ll share some photos!!

    • Yeah, it’s winter down under. But nothing like the winter in the states. My peeps were there last year and experienced -23C (-9.4F) in Chicago. They still complain about it! 😛

  2. I bet that was fun!!! I can’t wait to see your next post to read about what you thought of the snow. As someone who has snow for several months every year, I know I hate it!!

  3. aww, you look adorable but this picture makes me kinda sad. it looks like you were abandoned on the roadside and you are just sitting there waiting for your peeps to come back for you. (guess i should stop reading all those heartbreaking stories on the web)
    i will be looking forward to your happy, snowy pictures.
    wags, bailey
    bailey unleashed

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