Doggy Walking

A pet walker takes Roy for afternoon walks, twice a week.

Rahul was home couple of weeks ago, so I asked him to visit the park and click some photos for the blog.

594 PHOTOS!!! Can you believe that!!!

Apparently all the dog walkers go to the same park at the same time…it’s a dog fest. Check it out…

“That’s Cath, Roy’s dog walker on the left”
“More dog walkers”
“Beginning of a chase”
“Yep there he goes…”
“Won’t give up”
“And now after the Husky….size obviously doesn’t matter”
 “He seemed interested in the camera”
“Sniffing one of his dog walking buddies”
“And sniffing some more”
“Looks like he’s found a new friend”
 “Getting acquainted”
“Doesn’t he look like an ape?”

Phew, it was hard work selecting 12 out of 594!

Dog walking sure looks fun. I can see why on those nights he is quiet and mellow. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Doggy Walking

  1. That’s awesome! So great that your dog walker got these photos…We’re lucky enough to have a dog walker once a fortnight, and the dogs adore him. They’re worth their weight in gold.

  2. How did you find your dog walker? Dakota doesn’t like taking walks with my husband or I (he used to but had a goose and a garbage truck scare him on two separate occasions), I am thinking if a third party entered the picture that maybe they would have more luck getting him to walk? Are they expensive? I am seriously considering it.

    • We had to do quite a bit of research and talk to other dog owners We interviewed a few people before settling for Cath. Because he is a puppy we wanted to be sure of who walks him and also not many people walk puppies.
      They are a bit dear but then in Australia everything is expensive. But I agree with humanrescues dog…they are worth their weight in gold. The days Cath takes Roy for a walk, he is well exercised and happy. Takes the pressure of us too.

  3. haha !! love it – Roy looks like the leader of the pack. My local park is crammed full of doggie walkers — it’s lovely, they all know one another and I have a super one called Josie. It’s very popular over here in the UK!

    • Well, he likes to think he is the leader of the pack. 😉
      Yeah, it’s becoming popular in Aus too. The good think about dog walking is that Roy has regular buddies he gets to play with twice a week.

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