The tennis connection!

Rahul and I are tennis fanatics. We took the day off today so we could watch the Wimbledon finals last night which finished at 3 am Australian time. Shame Djokovic lost. 😦

But guess who else loves watching tennis!!!



AND the man in action!


As soon as tennis starts, Roy will dash for the tv. Doesn’t matter where he was or what he’d been upto. He was even up last night with us watching the finals!

We’ve heard and read about dogs watching tv, but tennis! Seriously what’s with the tennis connection!?


18 thoughts on “The tennis connection!

  1. That’s funny. Our dogs always watch TV when there are dogs on TV. There was a time we used to watch the Caesar Millan videos (stopped watching as didn’t agree with some of his methods) and they were fixated on the TV!

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