Don’t hold back your whimsies!

This is my toy collection…


But guess what I love playing with the most!


An Egg Tray! 😀

– Roy

Very soon Rahul and I will be collecting egg trays from our neighbours OR  eating eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Does your pup/dog have a whimsy that you have to indulge?


10 thoughts on “Don’t hold back your whimsies!

  1. Ohhhh this made me LAUGH and I THANK YOU!!! Dakota has MOUNTAINS of toys, most of them were from reviews and were not inexpensive. What does he enjoy the MOST? A ratty, dirty, plush red, white and blue ball that I purchased at the DOLLAR store……yep, that is his ALL TIME favorite!

  2. Parker has two soft toys that can hold an empty water bottle in them. He loves that crunchy bottle sound when he bites them. I have a hard time visiting the pet store without buying him a little toy! Roy, you got a nice collection there! 🙂

  3. I have a huge collection of toys…… but I’d give em all away to play with my tennis balls – especially the little ones….. and now I’m infatuated with my light plastic beach ball !!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

    • We have the small tennis balls too Rubie and Roy loves them, until he sees an egg tray. And then all toys magically disappear for him. It’s just ‘me and my egg tray’! 😀

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