Off to our favourite park

St Leonards park is where Rahul and I have been exercising for the past 2 years. It’s a lovely neighbourhood park with beautiful Sydney harbour views. And it is dog friendly which means that you see dogs running around almost anytime of the day. Every time we went to the park and saw the dogs, we would wish and hope for the day we had our own. (Yes, we were super clucky for a puppy! :D)

Roy had his 3rd (final) vaccine last week and is now able to walk outside rather than be carried in the tote bag. This means he now gets to go to the park, our favourite park! 😀


Sniffing around


Doing a recall – for cheese!


He is such a bouncy dog!


Look at those ears!


All wet from the grass dew

After 2 years of ogling at other dogs and being jealous of their owners, we finally got to be one of them. And Roy loves this park as much as we do. YAY!


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