What a week!

It’s been a week since we got Roy home. He is such a different puppy today. More confident and dare I say, boisterous too.

Achievements this week:

I explored the apartment except the scareee kitchen (Roy is super scared of the kitchen and always comes till the door, jumps and runs away. It’s actually quite funny to see him do that)

Visited the vet where I was such a well behaved boy ( a white cat had been on the table before Roy, so he was covered in white hair by the time we left. LOL)

Got a glowing feedback from the doc on my health (yep, we were also told that he has great teeth)

Made friends with 12 new people (Vin and Dan are his fav people. Vin gave him liver treats and Dan played heaps with him)

Traveled in a car without getting scared (unlike the first day when we got him home, this time Roy happily sat in the car and enjoyed all the bumps and brakes)

Learned to pee and poo on the newspaper” (8 out of 10 times it’s a bulls eye… Phew!)

Had my first bath (Poor fellow was scared silly by the water)

And most importantly, bonded with Rahul and Shefali” (Rahul is his master and I am his go to person to cuddle and sleep..hmph!)

Kudos my little fella. You did well.

PS – we are still working on the ‘sit” command and to respond to his name.


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