We finally got to meet him

On Sunday, Rahul and I went to Maroota to visit Roy and his current family. It was an hour drive from home and the weather was lovely. During the drive we planned on all the questions to ask to ensure we were getting him from the right breeder.

Tricia met us at the gate and took us to see Roy. There was a litter of 5 puppies (2 boys and 3 girls). She picked this little black boy with some silver under his mouth and on his chest and asked “What are you going to name him?”. We, in unison, replied “Roy”. She then looked at the puppy and said, “Roy are you ready to meet Mommy and Daddy?”.

She put him in my arms and it finally sunk in… we have found him! He felt so soft and furry and cuddly. I held him for a while and then handed him to Rahul. From that time on nothing and no one existed around him but Roy. He didn’t even care about asking all those questions we had prepared. His own words, “now that I have seen him, I don’t feel like asking anything!” Huh, he can be such a softy sometimes!

I had to get in charge and grill Tricia with all our questions. She was great, very patient and helpful. We are so glad we found her! Another family had come to visit their would-be puppy too. This was their third Schnauzer pet and they had heaps of advice for us.

We played with him for about an hour and then it was time to leave.  It was hard saying goodbye but we knew it was not for long. We pick him up Monday 29th April. The countdown has begun!!!


PS – Rahul obviously didn’t think it through when he decided to wear black. I took heaps of photos but unfortunately (as you can see), Roy has almost camouflaged with the tee. So getting rid of all the blacks from our wardrobe!


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