Finding Roy!

Rahul and I have been travelling a lot lately hence the puppy search was delayed. But we are back on track and last two weekends were spent calling breeders and checking puppy availability.

The first weekend was disappointing. The common responses we got were, “they are all sold” or “no puppies available” or “people have called before you and so you are in queue”. We never heard from the ‘you are in queue’ breeders for the rest of the week.

The last weekend has been hopeful. We found a breeder in Queensland who has a male salt and pepper puppy available. But given the distance involved  he will have to be shipped and we will not be able to meet him beforehand.

Then we found another breeder not too far from Sydney who had a new litter of pups. The mother Portia gave birth to them 9 days ago. There are two male puppies in her litter and the breeder penciled our names for one of them. She will be sending us photos once they are a few weeks old and putting up some videos as well. We can also visit them and the parents once the puppies are a bit older.

Fingers crossed, we might have just found Roy!