Owners(who?) Corporation(what?) Consent(huh!)

We have recently moved into a new apartment.  The Strata Manager advised us about the pet by-law and asked us to write a letter asking for owners corporation consent to keep a pet on the property (unless of course it’s fish).

Hmmm….now what exactly does one write in a letter asking for permission to keep a pet dog???

Google was of not much help either…there were no templates for us to use. Duh!

But we did find this one document which helped us  draft the letter…”Keeping pets in strata schemes – your questions answered” by NSW Young Lawyers. This gave us a good idea on what kind of information to include in our letter.

To all the future pet owners living in strata schemes…there FINALLY is a template for you to use.

Letter to keep pet on strata scheme

And it works!!! We just had our application approved. YAYYY……..

Another step closer! 😀